Geos was born of the desire to create a new generation of green neighborhoods, where energy from the earth and sun power a healthy community. Norbert Klebl, Geos’ master developer started with the premise that a well-designed and livable neighborhood should also be able to provide for all of its’ energy demands. This fusion of “geo” and solar became Geos.

After much research, and collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Lab, a net-zero energy neighborhood design emerged that harnesses geothermal energy latent in the earth, as well as passive and active solar strategies, and state of the art green building technologies.

Geos is based on the layout of traditional Colorado neighborhoods, but incorporates numerous innovations. These innovations provide for sustainable living, and dramatically conserve energy and water. The result is an innovative green neighborhood design that has won national awards and received international press.



Read our Master Declaration submitted on 2/9/2016: Geos Declaration 2-8-16 (1)


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