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Norbert Klebl, master developer of Geos, spent 25 years in the corporate world in Europe the USA equipped with a European engineering degree and an MBA from Columbia. After an extended sabbatical, he devoted his expertise to demonstrating that a paradigm shift was possible in touristic and residential building practices by developing a self-sustained vacation village in Western Samoa. It was proved that water and energy needs could be produced on- site; rainwater was collected and electricity was produced with a photo-voltaic system. Currently he is master planning and designing Geos, the net zero energy community in Colorado where all buildings will be so well insulated and airtight, that passive solar and geo-thermal energy will allow heating and cooling with an energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system. The concept will reduce energy needs by 75% compared to current building practices and make sustainable residential buildings affordable.

Michael Tavel Architects and David Kahn Studio have been a collaborative urban design, landscape, and architecture team for twenty five specializing in Sustainable Neighborhoods. Michael and David met while pursuing Master’s degrees in landscape and architecture at the University of California, Berkeley in the mid-1980s, and each graduated with the top prizes architectural design. They moved to Colorado in the early ‘90s to teach at the University of Colorado and pursue research and practice in green neighborhoods with emphasis on integrating sustainable systems into urban neighborhoods. They created a graduate level study abroad program in Urban Design in Prague, Czech Republic in 1992 that ran until 2000 and worked with city officials and community members on complex infill and environmental planning projects. They have extensive professional experience on new urban neighborhoods, architecture, and landscapes and are known for their ability to integrate passive solar, sustainable systems, and sustainable lifestyles into urban mixed-use communities. Their work has won many national and regional awards and they are frequent speakers at national conferences. They have lectured in Europe, Africa, and Latin America and are on the faculty of the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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