The Geos Story

The Geos Neighborhood combines a traditional neighborhood living with the most advanced sustainable design and building practices. Community members will enjoy a pedestrian lifestyle with front porches, tree-lined sidewalks, community gardens, fruit trees, corner stores, and neighborhood services.

They will be able to garden, play, and gather in parks and open spaces.  Mixed-Use Zoning will allow working in your own business within the neighborhood.  A Co-Housing community will provide a meeting place and other shared facilities for the entire village.

The Geos Neighborhood is laid out to optimally use the unique Colorado climate and environment: highest solar gains for the winter, lowest sun exposure for the summer and maximum water retention for the heavy rains.

Walls and windows of the homes will be so energy efficient that ground source heating and cooling becomes affordable and solar panels on the roof can fully provide all the power needs of the homes, and if desired, charge an electric car.

The result is a net-zero energy neighborhood that reduces waste, water use, and car trips, while providing locally-grown healthy food, and incorporates great places for kids, seniors, and people of all ages.

The resource-conserving design is simple, straight-forward, and affordable.  Homes will be fossil fuel free and produce more energy than they consume.

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