Net Zero Energy Homes

Geos homes are designed to be “Energy Plus,” producing as much or more energy in a year than consumed. This is achieved through a combination of reducing energy needs via climate-sensitive passive cooling and heating, a high-performance building envelope and a state of the art mechanical system. We then add enough solar electric (PV) panels to the roof of the homes to produce the same amount of electricity that the home will consume in one year.

Solar PV production is directly impacted by the amount of sun that hits them. Since this can vary throughout the day or different times of the year, our systems are grid-tied. This means that whenever the PV panels are producing electricity, the energy first goes to meet any needs in the house at that point in time. Then, if there is extra electricity being produced, that energy is pushed onto the electric grid from the utility and spinning the meter backwards. At night, when the PV panels aren’t producing energy, or when it’s very cloudy day, the remaining electricity needs of the home are met by the grid (the meter spins forwards as normal). Throughout the coarse of the year, the meter will spin forwards equally as much as it spins backwards, therefore making the home net-zero energy.

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