Water and Landscape

Stormwater management is conceived holistically and at all scales. Rain and snowmelt are choreographed to passively irrigate native and xeriscape plantings, and community orchards and gardens.

Street Tree Rain Gardens receive and filter surface runoff from streets, alleys, and the surrounding environment, while irrigating streetscape plantings.

Greens and Squares act as “Percolation Parks” which soak up rain and snow melt. Percolation Parks feature neighborhood amenities, urban agriculture, and wildlife habitat. They are placed prominently in the neighborhood and provide ease of access, human scale, and a diversity of uses.

Permeable paving for water infiltration is used for pedestrian ways and plazas.

Localized Rain Gardens are integrated throughout the neighborhood, from mixed-use courtyards to residential yards. They receive runoff from paving and rooftops, providing an intimate experience of the life giving nature of water.

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